Vogue Business

Since April 2020, I have worked as editorial associate at Vogue Business, a business publication launched by Condé Nast. I focus on the intersection between fashion and sustainability, both social and environmental.

The single-use plastic overhaul is coming for fashion
Sustainable packaging is gaining momentum, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for brands and retailers.

How to create positive impact with natural materials
An extension of a panel I moderated at Première Vision (linked in the article). Sustainability experts are calling on the fashion industry to go beyond harm mitigation and create positive impact. This is what brands need to know.

How to overcome climate anxiety
The climate crisis is a grim reality with far-reaching emotional impact. Sustainable designers and environmental activists share tips for balancing personal wellbeing and collective action.

Unpacking Nike’s sustainable basketball capsule
Nike is moving forward on the sustainable front with “optimistic urgency”. But there’s always more to be done.

Sneaker drops keep coming. Are they sustainable?
Consumer pressure is growing for a more sustainable sneaker industry. Here’s how brands can speed up their response.

How fashion can embrace neurodiversity
The fashion world is full of neurodivergent people, many of whom are highly gifted, but their needs are often overlooked. Experts explain how fashion can do better.

Thinking outside the fashion box
Utopian fantasies or recipes for change? Their ideas are radical, their solutions even more so. Three manifestos reimagine the fashion system.

Gucci ties with Alibaba’s Tmall in China e-commerce race
Gucci was an early entrant in China. Today, it has picked Alibaba’s Tmall as its next big move.

How can fashion make marketing more sustainable?
Sustainable marketing may sound like an oxymoron, but that doesn’t mean brands should stop trying. These sustainable PR experts are leading the way.

What happens when the shoe doesn’t fit?
Retailers including Nordstrom and Zappos are exploring the untapped potential of adaptive and inclusive footwear. With a few small tweaks, brands could follow suit.

Why fashion is adopting mentoring
Addressing the historic exclusion of marginalised people in fashion with access and advice is helping diversity, and brands are jumping on board.

The future of sustainable fashion
Dispatches from the Vogue Business x Google Summit, including the panel I moderated: Is positive consumption even possible? Featuring Patagonia director of philosophy Vincent Stanley, influencer Camille Charrière and writer Aja Barber.

The UK watchdog is tackling greenwashing. Will others?
A new investigation calls claims about sustainability into question, posing an opportunity for fashion brands to make their products live up to their marketing.

A new movement to reduce the hidden environmental cost of clothing care
Big brands including Burberry and Patagonia are designing garments with sustainable aftercare in mind, while the aftercare industry is slowly adopting new methods.

Allbirds: Does the world need another T-shirt?
The pioneering sustainable shoe brand is entering the apparel market with a capsule range made from innovative natural materials. But can Allbirds still do better?

Inside Sinéad Burke’s new adaptable clothing marketplace
Backed by Global Brands Group, Juniper Unlimited hopes its adaptive designs will pave the way for a more inclusive fashion industry.

How to steer clear of discounts this holiday season
Amid Covid-19, mass discounting events like Black Friday will be bigger than ever. But luxury players have an opportunity to avoid markdowns and promote slower, more sustainable shopping.

Should synthetic clothing be sold with a warning?
Synthetic clothes release harmful microplastics when washed. Brands could help by informing consumers and investing in research.

The new movement to reform fashion
Covid-19 left thousands of garment workers without wages as brands and retailers refused to pay their suppliers. Nonprofit Remake says it’s time for fashion to put workers first.

Community over commerce: Can it work?
His business philosophy sounds utopian, but mainstream fashion might learn from London designer Christopher Raeburn, who has collaborated widely, from Moncler to Timberland.

Inside fashion’s switch to green electricity
Global renewable electricity campaign RE100 counts Kering and Chanel among its fashion signatories, but complex supply chains and legislative barriers threaten to limit its impact.

Fashion and carbon emissions: Crunch time
The international fashion industry must urgently cut emissions by 50 per cent to reach a 1.5 °C target, says a new report from McKinsey and the Global Fashion Agenda.

Why more brands are seeking out B Corp certifications
The organisation pushes brands to change their practices, and during the pandemic, more are signing up for its services. But only brands willing to embrace it voluntarily stand to gain.

Breaking into fashion was already hard. Amid Covid-19, is a design generation lost?
The pandemic put gaping holes in the graduate showcase and recruitment systems, leaving a microgeneration of fashion students with limited opportunities.

Challenging a fatphobic industry to adapt
A new wave of designers are showing how simple rethinks in the engineering of a garment can open up endless opportunities for size-inclusive fashion. Why haven’t more mainstream brands adopted it?

How social media managers became the fashion frontline
They bridge the gaps between brands and consumers, dealing with everything from customer service to ethical complaints. Do we ask too much of social media managers?

Why major retailers are finally stocking more Black-owned brands
Designer Aurora James is asking retailers to take the 15 Percent Pledge, creating opportunities for Black brands in America and beyond. Early signs are it’s working.

What psychology can teach fashion about inclusivity
By including psychology in their strategic thinking, brands can move beyond tokenism towards true inclusivity.

Supporting Black freelance creatives in fashion
The individual prejudices and systemic racism at play within brands are limiting opportunities and creating negative work environments for Black freelance creatives.

Fashion’s philanthropy play
Covid-19 has prompted a wave of charitable donations from fashion brands, but where should brands direct their good intentions for maximum impact?

The implications of fashion’s pivot to PPE production
Covid-19 relief efforts pave the way for more local production and collaborations.