The Lowry Dance Blog: Motionhouse

Motionhouse have struck a perfect balance in contemporary dance; an innovative line drawn between the abstract curiosity people have come to expect of contemporary and the narrative of a traditional ballet. Choreographer Kevin Finnan credits the theme to “the standing joke that when choreographers get older they do the rite of spring or the elements.” Evidently the elements appealed more. What came of that was actually a catch-your-breath, heart-in-mouth experience, transforming dance into a multi-dimensional piece of living art. This is the dance of the future, open to interpretation but laced with technical complexities. The pure animalistic energy of the dancers will have you gripping the edge of your seat, entranced by the display of raw physical strength and boundless energy. ‘Broken’ leaves you utterly consumed by its effortless fluidity, in awe of the dancers’ stealth and sat grinning like an absolute idiot. To use cliches would be to cheat this show of its integrity, but the next time Motionhouse perform in Manchester, I’ll be waiting in the front row.

My review is also available on the Lowry Youth Dance Ambassador blog:

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