Young Enterprise: New Charity Beanies!

On a slightly random note (and one of shameless self-promotion), I thought I’d take a moment to share this video with you all. I made it last week as a promotional video for my Young Enterprise company, The Beanie Shop. The beanies modelled in the advert are part of our latest range, ‘SURVIVOR.’ The most recent in a growing collection of slogan beanies, ‘SURVIVOR’ was created to raise awareness for the inspirational people that survive mental and physical illnesses. £1 from every beanie we sell goes to Beat and The Teenage Cancer Trust, meaning these beanies not only look good, but do good. What’s more, they allow our customers to speak their mind without saying a word.

To read the full ‘SURVIVOR’ story, or buy a beanie, head over to

And just because they’re so pretty and I’m so proud, here are a couple of our promotional photos. Styling, creative direction and photography by me.


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