SAVAGE Showcase & ‘Dirt’ Print Edition Launch

SAVAGE Showcase & Dirt Print Edition Launch
Monday 20th March 2017, Waterstones

The launch event for our second print issue of 2016/17, exploring the theme of ‘Dirt’. Acts including an original documentary and live music (full programme below).

poster showcase.jpg

Poster by me 
Trailer by Nick Mastrini


Invisible: Nick Mastrini will be debuting an original short film by SAVAGE Broadcast, exploring the theme of pollution in London. This will be presented by Fossil Free UCL.

The Fall: Benjamin Leggett says of his 2015 film, ‘I needed an outlet for the pent-up anxiety and insecurities that had accumulated over the first two terms [at UCL], and by making a short film I had hoped to address these issues through a sort of introspective journey.’

In conversation: ‘The Jungle’. Pooja Puri is a debut novelist whose new release ‘The Jungle’ explores the experiences of child refugees in the Calais camp. Pooja wil be in conversation with Lauren Caley, who was the distribution coordinator in the Jungle until its closure in November 2016.

Artworks on display from the print edition, plus a live art installation by The Line Girl, inviting members of the audience to step up and be painted.

Spoken word and poetry by Sabeera Dar, Olivia Robbins and Natalie Room.

Orlando Revisited: Holly James Johnston presents a reimagining of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’ through the medium of performance art.

Live jazz from Emily Craig (vocals) and Nat Philipps (accompaniment). DJs Henry Browning and Milo Gooder will be rounding off the night with an eclectic mix of ‘savage’ sounds.

Featured photo by Nick Mastrini

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