Our Bodies: Sexual assault & harassment at UCL

TW: sexual assault

Every day, more stories of sexual assault and harassment surface and more people suffer at the hands of this epidemic. This goes beyond Hollywood, it happens everywhere, and our university campuses are no exception. In my first year at university, I was sexually assaulted by someone I had previously considered a friend. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced sexual violence, nor the last, but it is the moment that has stayed with me. I could write a million words about the effect this has had on me – and hopefully at some point I will – but for now the words escape me. As survivors, we are silenced during the event and in the aftermath; our agency is taken away. This week, we are launching a new photo series on SAVAGE Journal called Our Bodies, which aims to give agency back to survivors by offering them the chance to tell their story in their own words and be believed. If you would like to share your story, know that it is on your terms. If you want to remain anonymous, you can. If you want to be photographed, you can. These are our bodies, our survival, our stories and our voices. We will not be silenced anymore.

In the next few weeks, we will also be hosting a panel discussion in collaboration with The Cheese Grater (another of UCL’s student magazines), looking at the policies currently in place and asking what more the university could be doing to support survivors and to prevent this behaviour from manifesting in the first place. Further details will be announced on the Facebook event soon.

If you are a current or former student of UCL and would like to share your story on Our Bodies, you can email ourvoices@savageonline.co.uk or direct message the Instagram account (@_ourbodies_).

SAVAGE Showcase & ‘Intersect’ Print Launch

SAVAGE Showcase & Intersect Print Edition Launch
Tuesday 12th December 2017, Archspace

Our first print edition launch of the new academic year was held at Archspace London. Under the arches, we created an atmosphere alight with creative energy, and hosted one of the most interesting line-ups we have ever had at a showcase event (details below). This event marked the launch of Intersect, the first print edition of my presidency. I’m exceptionally proud of this edition and the ongoing commitment to diversity that it marks. You can read the issue here.

showcase poster.jpg

Poster design by me
Trailer & featured photo by Nick Mastrini


Two original films by SAVAGE Broadcast: UoL Protest Against Outsourcing and Brick Lane in Flux.

Spoken word by Olivia Robbins, Ava Davies, Wendy Min Ji Choi and Simon Westby.

In conversation with Roundtable and Thiiird Magazine, mediated by Shalaka Bapat (BME Rep, SAVAGE Journal). You can watch the video here.



Live music from Sam Bates/Totem (DJ set).

Event sponsored by Nix And Kix and Hippeas

SAVAGE Showcase & ‘Dirt’ Print Edition Launch

SAVAGE Showcase & Dirt Print Edition Launch
Monday 20th March 2017, Waterstones

The launch event for our second print issue of 2016/17, exploring the theme of ‘Dirt’. Acts including an original documentary and live music (full programme below).

poster showcase.jpg

Poster by me 
Trailer by Nick Mastrini


Invisible: Nick Mastrini will be debuting an original short film by SAVAGE Broadcast, exploring the theme of pollution in London. This will be presented by Fossil Free UCL.

The Fall: Benjamin Leggett says of his 2015 film, ‘I needed an outlet for the pent-up anxiety and insecurities that had accumulated over the first two terms [at UCL], and by making a short film I had hoped to address these issues through a sort of introspective journey.’

In conversation: ‘The Jungle’. Pooja Puri is a debut novelist whose new release ‘The Jungle’ explores the experiences of child refugees in the Calais camp. Pooja wil be in conversation with Lauren Caley, who was the distribution coordinator in the Jungle until its closure in November 2016.

Artworks on display from the print edition, plus a live art installation by The Line Girl, inviting members of the audience to step up and be painted.

Spoken word and poetry by Sabeera Dar, Olivia Robbins and Natalie Room.

Orlando Revisited: Holly James Johnston presents a reimagining of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’ through the medium of performance art.

Live jazz from Emily Craig (vocals) and Nat Philipps (accompaniment). DJs Henry Browning and Milo Gooder will be rounding off the night with an eclectic mix of ‘savage’ sounds.

Featured photo by Nick Mastrini

UFO Baby Presents: SAVAGE Sounds 2.0

UFO Baby Presents: SAVAGE Sounds 2.0
Tuesday 21st February 2017, The Lock Tavern

The second gig I organised in my role as Treasurer & Events Manager of SAVAGE Journal (2016-17), in collaboration with UFO Baby Promotions. Hosted by a leading Camden music haunt, The Lock Tavern. More information about the bands can be found on SAVAGE Journal.

front of flyer gig.jpg

Poster design by me
Featured image by Nick Mastrini


SAVAGE Showcase & ‘Free Speech’ Print Launch

SAVAGE Showcase & Free Speech Print Edition Launch
Monday 5th December 2016, Waterstones Tottenham Court Road

As part of my role as Treasurer & Events Manager for SAVAGE Journal (2016-17), I hugely expanded the events programme, to supplement the magazine’s publication. Part of this was the introduction of biannual launch events to coincide with the print editions. The first event of this kind was held at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road. The event explored the theme of ‘Free Speech’ through various mediums from spoken word to original films, and garnered over 200 guests.


Photo by Net Botwood & poster design by me


Sophia Compton (Editor-in-Chief, SAVAGE Journal) in conversation with 21 year-old documentary filmmaker and free speech activist, Tarquin Ramsay. This follows the worldwide release of his film, Free Speech Fear Free, which he has been working on since the age of 16. 

Free Speech: an original short film by SAVAGE Broadcast (Nick Mastrini).

The Oil Adventure: With the help of the UCL Expedition Grant, Flora Murphy, Mizu Nishikawa-Toomey and Lotte Ludekens cycled 480km around northwest Norway, speaking to those affected by the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Red: A film about an argument between two artists. Written and directed by Camille Beglin and Thomas Rebour.
Artworks by Zura Ibrahim Wafir (from her series ‘Archipelago In Anonymity’) and Richard Magee (collages exploring the nature of producing art freely).

Spoken word and poetry from Georgie Hurst, Sophie Nevrkla and Sabeera Dar.

Extracts from Out of Silence – International Debut: ‘Dear Harriet’, ‘Dumb’ and ‘No Time’.

Live music from Dat Brass and DJ Henry Browning.


Trailer and featured photo by Nick Mastrini

UFO Baby Presents: SAVAGE Sounds

UFO Baby Presents: SAVAGE Sounds
Monday 24th October 2016, The Old Blue Last

In my capacity as Treasurer & Events Manager for SAVAGE Journal (2016-17) I organised multiple gigs, showcasing the latest bands and musical talent from UCL‘s student community. This event was organised in collaboration with UFO Baby Promotions. Held at a leading London music venue, The Old Blue Last, this was a sold out event and the start of an ongoing partnership with UFO Baby.



Poster design by Max K
Featured photo: Dylan Trenouth by Nick Mastrini